The 3rd

The 3rd `Esquire Beauty Bar` was held on the night of the 22nd November at the hottest lounge bar ‘Money Lounge’. The subject of this year’s `Esquire Beauty Bar` was military and the army. As a compulsory service to the country, young men in Korea go to the army for a period of almost up to two years. Interestingly enough, men`s grooming is an increasing trend in the army, and where most young men learn about men`s beauty products. With a military look dress code and interior designed with aspects of the army, the night was full of reminiscence to men who had been to the army. There were separate booths for each brand to which guests could visit at their our leisure. Also, guests were given Absolut Vodka cocktail, Suntory the Premium Malts Beer, wine from the Chile Wine Organization and also Red Bull all in one bag to add to the fun of the night.