MotorTrend attracts automobile enthusiasts in their 20s to 40s with original editorials and global car news. enjoys second to none traffic among “automotile content platforms”. New content and site operations continue to grow traffic to the site.

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The Neighbor is positioned at the upper tier of the upmarket magazine market.

Through its wealth of content dedicated to fashion, watches & jewelry, beauty, lifestyle and culture, The Neighbor has become a driver of contemporary tastes and lifestyles.

The Neighbor has become a magazine relied on by its VIP members because of its omni-channel digital platforms that reflect and cater to their needs and desires.

Retailers and Distribution Channels

  • Sold at major offline and online bookstores
  • Direct mailing service to VIP members (8,600 people)
  • Available in over 1300 Starbucks stores and 350 Coffee Bean stores in the country
  • Available on Asiana Airline’s First and Business Class routes to the Americas and Europe
  • Direct mailing and distribution service to high-end residential districts
  • Available in major five-star hotels, major country clubs and penthouses
  • Distributed to high-end life zones (financial district, major hospitals, luxury restaurants, cafes, VIP lounges, etc)
MEDIA KIT visit website