Kansas University students thank scholarship donar

On the 24th of February, CEO of Kaya Media Corporation Young Chull Kim opened a luncheon for scholarship students from Kansas University. As a graduate of Kansas University, Young Chull Kim began to donate to the school in 2011 and established the ‘Young Chull Kim Scholarship’ in 2012. Donating US$100,000 to the university, this year scholarships were given out to exchange students to Korea.
Held at a chic restaurant ‘Tani Nextdoor,’ located on the 9th floor of Lotte Avenuel Department Store, Myung-Dong, the students were able to meet their doner over a casual lunch. Opened by the doner himself, Kim expressed that he had wanted to be more than just a money doner, and had wanted to meet the students personally. From students that had never been interstate, let alone overseas, to students who had just arrived in Korea the night before, the luncheon was full of conversation. Current professor at Yeonsei University and Chairmon of the KU Korean Alumni Hong Sik Bae attended the luncheon and gave his kind words also. The luncheon was followed by a short photoshoot, which will be found in the April issue of and . The students surprised Kim with a gratitude letter, some mentioning that the experience would have been impossible without the scholarship before wishing the students with the best of luck for in remaining time in Korea.