Kaya Medias year-end party GOOD BYE 2014 2015.07.30

Kaya Medias end-year party was held at THE Raum on December 22, 2014.

Kaya Medias chairman Young Chul Kim arranged an evening to look back into the past year and give thanks to the people around. A celebratory glass was also held for the NEIGHBOR magazine, which will be newly published this coming April 2015. 

About 400 people including Kaya Medias family of Harpers bazaar, Esquire, Motortrend came and also other advertisers, advertising agencies, brands, models and celebs came to the party.

To serve a variety of beverages, Indulge and Redbull was also part of the party. A lot of fun activities such as DJ performances, R-craft racing games, selfie stick missions and lucky draw games were prepared. At the end of the party, the winners of the lucky draw mission received their prizes.

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