The iconic mens magazine ‘PLAYBOY’ will be published in Korea in September, 2017 as . Playboy Enterprises has signed a international publishing contract with Kaya Media Corporation in Korea. Kaya Media has been published renowned fashion magazines past 25 years; such as “harper`s bazaar”, ”Marie Claire” and “Esquire”and currently publishing “Motor Trend” and “The Neighbor”.

The Korean edition of “Playboy” will be covering a wide range of topics from celebrities news and to social and political issues and lifestyle.

The U.S. magazine was launched in December 1953 by Hugh Hefner and has become one of the most recognised mens magazine in the world. From 2016 March, the U.S. version has no long contained nudity in their magazine and expand and allowed people over age 13 can purchased the magazine.. After an overhaul Playboy Enterprises announced that ‘Playboy’ sales has been increased 28% as result.

A senior executive of Playboy Enterprises was quoted by Kaya Media as saying that it would be an honour and amazing opportunity for the magazine to meet Korean readers.

Kim Young-Chull, CEO of Kaya Media also the first mens magazine publisher in Korea said ”We are excited to introduce the interesting stories, worth reading topics along with Playboy magazines attractive editorial and thought-provoking contents”.

‘Playboy’ is currently publishing in 23 countries in worldwide included South Korea.