Melody in ‘Between Pages’

To fully experience the fall season at between pages, between a cup of tea and the great selection of books was the weekly live music showcase of young musicians prepared by between pages for their customers enjoy.

The first live concert was appropriately titled “Angelic Instruments”, as two very well known and attractive harpists performed on the date 10/16/2013. The harpists were Sunyoo Jung and Gwangju Symphony Orchestra’s Suwon Park who filled Book Café with the heavenly sounds that only the harp can produce.

The customers and guests to this performance were delighted to be able to experience the harp which did not interfere with their conversations or book readings.

This was only the start as Between Pages will continue to house live concerts showcasing young musicians on Wednesday’s 4PM. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Between Pages on Wednesday 4 – 6 PM, you will not regret this magical and musical gift!