Kaya School of Magazine’s Open House

Last Thursday, Kaya Media’s first floor cafe, Between the Pages, transformed into a party for the 4th class of Kaya School of Magazine.
Out of all the classes in Kaya School of Magazine, this class seemed to have the most energy and passion.
This was expected, as fiery passion and overflowing energy, as well as the willingness to become trendsetters who bring forward new ideas,
are all marks of an ideal editor.

This event was planned even before the first semester had started. Most believe that a party simply requires great food, exciting music, and sweet drinks;
however, this was not the sole intention of Kaya Media’s CEO Young Chull Kim. He wanted to create an interactive environment and give these potential
editors the opportunity to talk to the magazine editors of the company. It is through days like this that students are able to gain valuable insight and
information, not found by searching through Google, or anywhere else.

With each passing minute, another stylish and trendy student arrived and the party started at 7pm.
You could see the “editor- esque” and professional attitudes these students possessed as they entered the company building.
To celebrate the end of a semester and the beginning of a new one, CEO Young Chull Kim even invited the Editor-in
Chiefs of Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, and Motor Trend to attend this event.

After brief introductions, Kaya Media’s Open House Program began. The editors of each floor all stayed behind in order to greet the students.
Could these editors already have their eyes on one of the students as a possible heir? The unique company environment surprised many of the students,
as most were too busy taking pictures to listen to the actual program. The last stop of the program was CEO Young Chull Kim’s office.
With an aesthetically pleasing design filled with a collection of antique and modern items, this office was Kaya Media’s hottest spot.
Of course not anyone was allowed in this place.

Once the open house program had finished, the party really began. With sausages grilling in the corner and ice, cold drinks stocked
in the refrigerator, the students quickly engulfed the hot dogs, including the chips and coffee.
Whether it was their satisfied stomachs or the one-too many beers they drank, the sounds of laughter filled the cafe.
Despite that, students were quick to give sharp answers and ask insightful questions in their conversations with the editors.

As the party came to an end, everyone shared their final greetings and took one last commemorative group photo.
Although there are still two semesters left, there’s no doubt that every one of these students will become excellent editors.
They have taken the path of becoming editors through Kaya School of Magazine, and Kaya Media wholeheartedly encourages
and applauds them in all their efforts.