Kaya School of Magazine’s 2014 2nd semester starts.

The class for Kaya School of Magazine progressed by Kaya Media and Yonsei University has started. The orientation was held on September 1st at Yonsei University.

During the first half, Kaya Media’s Kim Young Chul chairman congratulatory speech was held and Esquire’s editor in chief, Min Hee Shik, held his orientation during the second half. There were finger foods for the students in the lecture room, and had an overall very comfortable setting for the student’s to listen about the orientation. Professionals in the magazine related business will teach their know-how’s and experiences to the students during this semester’s lecture.

During the second semester of 2014, practice lectures will also be held for the student’s who took the theory lecture’s last semester. Also there will be a separate class specified for both men’s magazine and women’s magazine, so students can choose what is best for them.

Further information about Kaya School of Magazine can be seen in the Yonsei University Future Education center homepage.