Kaya School of Magazine The Opening Ceremony

Yonsei University and Kaya Medias will make your dream of becoming a magazine editor come true through „Kaya School of Magazine 2014“. The opening ceremony took place last Wednesday, March 5th, at the Korean Language Institute at Yonsei University.
In the first session, the principal of Yonsei Institute for Future Learning and the CEO of Kaya Media Mr. Kim Young-Chull gave a warm welcome to the students. Afterwards, there was an orientation session held by Mr. Min Hee-sik, the chief editor of Esquire Korea. The students were invited to ask questions and actively participate in the session, thus the atmosphere became lively and everyone was put in a good mood.
Furthermore, the news that stylist Han Hye-yeon, photographer Oh Jung-seok and former NYT Seoul correspondent Kim Seong-hee will give special lectures raised the anticipation of the students.
Please encourage these aspiring future editors!