Kaya School of Magazine, recruiting students for professional magazine training

If you are interested in becoming a magazine editor, you should open your eyes for the professional magazine training program,

‘Kaya School of Magazine.’ Professionals from each field will give lectures and you will also have the opportunity to make a magazine as well.

Kaya Media and Yonsei University Future Education Center are recruiting members for the 5th term of ‘Kaya School of Magazine.’

Kaya School of Magazine holds classes about the magazine industry development and develop expert workforce.

Anyone interested in magazine journalism or interested in becoming a magazine editor can apply.

The main responsible lecturer will be Esquire’s editor in chief, Min Hee Shik, and other professional instructors from each field.
The lectures will be divided into theory and practice-based classes. Freshmen’s will go through the theory course and
students who have finished their theory courses will be able to move on to the practice-based classes.

The theory course will include information about the history of magazines, content planning, method of writing, fashion journal,
magazine design, brand marketing, digital publishing and other information needed in the magazine field.
The practice-based course will only be open for the students who have completed the theory course,
and the course will give a hands on opportunity of publishing a magazine.

After finishing the program, Yonsei University Future Education Center will provide a certificate of completion
and to the students with outstanding grades will be given an opportunity to become an intern at Kaya Media.

For this semester, students over-broad will be able to attend, which shows how much ‘Kaya School of Magazine’ is recognized
not only in Korea but also overseas.

The professional magazine editor theory class will be held every Monday 7pm-10pm.
The practice-based classes will be dived into two groups: men’s magazine and women’s magazine.
These two classes will be held every Wednesday 7pm-10pm and the 2nd semester will be held from September 1st to December 8th.