Kaya Media Book Cafe `Between Pages` has opened!

Kaya Media Corporation, one of the biggest magazine publishers in Korea, has newly opened book cafe `Between Pages`. Officially opened to the public from the 20th of September, `Between Pages` is a space that invites and encourages people to one the closest yet most meaningful hobbies there is. Reading books. Especially designed for this purpose, the interior of the cafe is private yet cosy and even has a library of its own.

There is no specific allocated space that should be used to read, however has the perfect environment to enjoy relaxation both individually or with other people. This newly created cultural space will certainly decrease the distance people have with books in an increasingly busy and more digital world. Additionally, as it is managed by a magazine publisher there are a variety of magazines available to be read within the cafe or for purchase at a discounted cost for those who appreciate the contents to a greater level.

From only the most high quality furniture, conformed interior, a open terrace suitable throughout all seasons, and a tabloid-designed menu that is updated every season, `Between Cafe` has both big and small details to all visitors. Once a book is opened, the experience is infinite from that moment on.

As an open event, coffee will be available for 1000 Korean won from the 22nd to the 23rd of September.

Address Kaya Building 1st Floor, 893-7 Daechi-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul Tel 02-317-4916