Harper’s BAZAAR holds 10th charity sale with ‘Habitat Korea’

A good deed is done out of choice and decision. One comes to realize that the ‘good’ way of life we learn as a child is in fact very difficult to live by as an adult. Almost everyone memories of putting money into donation boxes, singing carols at nursing homes and visiting orphanages but unfortunately only at a young age. From this perspective charity sales have an incredibly positive influence as it encourages people, especially adults, to do good deeds without the feeling of losing what one owns.

The 10th Harper’s BAZAAR charity sale was held on the 21st of June 2011 at the Grand Hyatt Regency. As in the past years, numerous fashion brands donated shoes, clothes, bags and jewelry to the event whilst beauty brands donated makeup, perfume, body products and massage coupons. Including concert tickets, books and stationery all items were sold for only 50% of the usual cost, whilst some products were sold through auction. The event was only able to happen through the help of many. Editors of Harper’s BAZAAR casted almost all the products and also took the job of sellers at the event. Models for ESTEEM modeling agency offered great support and willingly worked as sellers also. Furthermore, fashion people and socialites came to the event which added to the worth of the event to the public. All the profits from the event were donated to Habitat Korea and were used to build homes. The event has grown in significance over the past years, and Harper’s BAZAAR looks forward to the participation of more brands and people to take part in providing a little more happiness to the world.