Group Publisher Young Chull Kim speaks at the 3rd FIPP Digital Media Conference in Seoul

The 3rd FIPP Asian Pacific Digital Magazine Conference was held at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul from the 19th to the 21st of September. Attendees from media consultants from all over the world, the conference was opened to discuss the trend and future of digital media in the magazine industry.

Group publisher of Kaya Media Corporation Young Chull Kim was invited as an official speaker to close the event. Under the title `Challenges faced by multi-platform international brand licenses,` Kim spoke about the the importance of digital publishing on both domestic and international levels.

In 1993, Kaya Media Corporation published the first license magazine in Korea which was `marie claire`. It has been almost 20 years since then and the license magazine industry has successful been able to make its place within the market. Based on experience and expertise, Young Chull Kim also discussed the difficulties as a licensee and possible resolutions that can be developed from the relationship between licensee and licensor.