Esquire’s 1st Literary Awards Ceremony

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2) Aju Economic News

While film, television, fashion, and fragmented messages continue to captivate society today,
writing was the first means of communication that gave definition and meaning to life.
Over time, literature has become the highest form of writing. And it is with this fundamental belief that Esquire held
its first ever Literary Awards Ceremony at Kaya Media’s first floor Book Cafe.

As Hemingway, Truman Capote, Fitzgerald, and Stephen King all left their individual, distinct marks on American culture
through their writing, this award was made to celebrate and inspire writers in Korea to the same.

Out of 169 submissions, 16 pieces were selected to go through the first round. Judges looked for completeness in these works,
as well as writing that was identifiable and engaging for the audience at large. The 16 that were selected were able to publish
their writing through YES24, a popular online Korean bookstore. After much debate and discussion amongst a distinguished
panel of judges, seven writers were chosen to receive Esquire’s Literary Award.

Youngmi Lee received the grand prize with her short story, “I Will Dance”. Jingyu Kim was awarded
the runnerup prize with his short story, “The Story of My Escape from being Single”. Jeongha Kim, author of “Lovers”,
Dongsul Shin, author of “The Reason I Wear Colors”, Huigyeong An, author of “Sweet, Special Love”, Byeongha Lee,
author of “K’s Confession”, and Seulgi Jang, author of “The Night Captured by the Window”, all received second place prizes.
Kaya Media Corporation’s CEO Young Chull Kim, Esquire Korea’s Editor-in Chief Heesik Min, Macallan’s Director Hojun Ryu, and YES24’s Team Leader Jeonghui Kim presented these awards
,while judges, Professor Kang Yoojung of Kangnam University, and writer Kiho Lee, were are all in attendance.

A performance by artist Soyeon Han ended the ceremony, and refreshments, including cocktails and dessert were served shortly after.
Esquire’s Literary Award was supervised by YES24 and sponsored by The Macallan.