CEO Young-Chull Kim speaks on ingenious creativity

On the 25th of November 2010, Young Chull Kim, CEO Kaya Media Corporation and recipient of Kookmin University’s ‘2010 Appreciation Plague’ held a special lecture at the 2010 KMU fair. Young Chull Kim donated a ‘Panther SOLO 11’ and ‘Dodge Coronet’ to Kookmin University to use for research purposes. Based on this year’s slogan ‘beyond engineering and into the world of creativity’ Young Chull Kim lectured about his own version of creativity.

In 1980, Kim took over the British car company ‘Panther’ and developed the first four-wheel drive mid-ship engine sports car. Based on such experience and expertise, Young Chull stated that “creativity is not a vague delusion but a dream that can be materialized in the real world.” Creativity was not something that could simply be squeezed out of one’s brain. Rather it came naturally from reading books, listening to music and meeting people. These daily experiences build thoughts and eventually stimulating ingenious creativity. Kim ended with a line from a famous Korean poem. “Love comes just as your hand reaches the bridge of your nose when ititches. Similarly, creativity comes naturally when you heart has been filled”.