20th Anniversary of Kaya Media Corporation

KAYA Media Corporation celebrates its 20th anniversary!

On the 13th of October, Kaya Media celebrated an extraordinary milestone as a publisher and leader in the magazine culture for 20 years. During this time, Kaya Media has published both local and license magazines including <여성춘추>, , , , and . Bringing all published magazines to a great success, Kaya Media has been both a pioneer and innovation both within the Korean magazine industry.

Young Chull Kim, the man behind the company`s great success began the company in 1992. Being among one of the first generations to study overseas, Young Chull Kim`s global sense of business has been had an enormous influence on the magazine industry. Moreover Kim`s unique and confident lifestyle has spread to create a unique corporate culture. Differing from most companies that focus on work efficiency and performance, Kaya Media has been able to encourage employees to differ from others, value these differences and continue to pursue their own version of creativity. Each year Kaya Media employees are privileged with a overseas workshop to Guam, a 3 day kick-off camp and a Christmas party at the group publisher`s home in Sung-Buk Dong. These traditions have continued to enhance a very family-like atmosphere and is known by almost all in the fashion industry.

Having one of the longest histories in magazine publisher within Korean, it is not a surprise that the most competent editors and magazine associated workers have all passed Kaya Media in some point. Even if they are not with the company any longer, Kaya Media considers their passion for magazines and regards this as a true success.

There is no doubt that Kaya Media has played a pivotal role in the Korean magazine industry. Multiplied by chairman and current board member of the FIPP, Young Chull Kim`s expertise has contributed to the enhancement of Korean mass media and entertainment contents. Kaya Media Corporation will continue its longstanding commitment to the industry, and will take every opportunity to spread quality contents in both a local and international level.