Hankook Tire Receives the Gold Prize from the Mercury Awards


<MiU>, a brand magazine produced by Gaya Media in collaboration with Hankook Tire, received the Mercury Excellence Awards Magazine-Design Category Gold Winner at the 2015|2016 Mercury Excellence Awards.


<MiU> is a nich magazine that introduces content on interesting and unique items and trends that appear based on the latest technology, along with motor sports that extend human competitive instincts into high-tech means. Kaya Media, one of the leading companies in Korea’s magazine market, produces and delivers customized magazines to enhance its customer service and brand image for businesses in various fields based on its long experience in developing content.

The award-winning <MiU>, Season 2 (5–9) edition, features some of the world’s best racing teams, including martini racing, Gulf racing, Lotus F1 and Scuderia Ferrari, as well as a sophisticated design cover for each racing team. The Mercury Awards have four categories: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honors.

Given the Mercury Award’s award criteria, in which the ratings are canceled if there are no candidates for each rating, <MiU>’s lone gold medal is a more shining honor. The Mercury Awards, organized by Mercom Inc. of the United States, is the most prestigious international award program in the field of corporate communications such as printing, public relations, video and marketing.

Published quarterly (once every three months), <MiU> is a brand magazine that Hankook Tire distributes for free as part of its social contribution activities. You can visit imported car service centers, major restaurants, cafes, and hospitals nationwide and apply for subscription. Subscribe to <MiU>: miusurvey.com