Introduced in Major Media

<Playboy Korea>, which has been making headlines since its launch on August 21, has been introduced as well as hidden stories about Playboy by major media such as, Channel A and YTN.


Playboy’s Hidden Stories  (☜ article link click)



Playboy’s Hidden Secret (☜ video link click)


Playboy, an American men’s magazine, launched its Korean edition (video link click)




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Playboy’s Hidden Stories (article link click)




Playboy, one of the representative adult magazine was officially release on the 21st.

The first ever adult magazine, which is known by everyone and seen by most people, has never been officially published in Korea.

It failed to overcome the ups and downs of obscenity and pornography, and has repeatedly failed to make it to Korea.

‘Playboy’ which finally succeeded in landing to Korea at the age of 60, after numerous attempts. Before opening the Korean version in earnest, we put together a few words about the story.




  1. The Beginning

  2. The Most Beautiful Women is “Munroe”

  3. Playboy’s Ghost Story

  4. “Yellow Butterfly” Lee Seung Hee

  5. Bunny, Bunny Girl

  6. High-class Literature Magazine?

  7. The Best Interview Medium

  8. No Nude Announcement

  9. So the Korean Version?





ChannelA News



Playboy’s Hidden Secret (☜ video link click)





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US Men’s Magazine Playboy Launches its Korean Edition (video link click)